What’s the origin of my header?

The header of this website shows one of the most magical places in de world I visited. The picture was taken over fifteen years ago on the South Island of New Zealand and is showing Cape Foulwind.

Early 1995 I travelled to New Zealand. My primary goal was to visit my friends Peter and Saskia Wood; the latter I met a year before during a fieldtrip with my old friend Robert W. Heuvelink. I also wanted to meet Bruce Marshall, collection manager of the Museum of New Zealand and see the invertebrate collection. My goals were reached in the first week of my journey, the following month Saskia drove me around South Island, where we visited numerous beaches and fossil collecting sites. This for sure was one of the most memorable months of my life!  It is important to know collecting in New Zealand is prohibited. I was able to collect fossil and recent shells, because Bruce gave me a special permit, which allowed me collect for scientific purposes. Without such a permit you risk severe penalties!

On the fourteenth of March 1995 we reached Carters Beach and followed the secondary road to Tauranga Bay, here we left the car and continued by foot in a very strong Westerly, that almost blew us off our feet. Nomen est omen: we reached Cape Foulwind! The beach offered many beautiful finds, such as Lunella smaragdus Gmelin, 1791, Lepsiella scobina albomarginata Suter, 1913 and Paratrophon patens (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1854). The bluff’s surrounding the beach are build of Kaiata mudstone, of Eocene age, here we found Dentalium centenniale Marwick, 1942.

Greenstone, Cape Foulwind

Still this great place had one more thing to offer: along the beach I found a smooth green stone. Closer examination learned this was an exquisite piece of nephrite (jade).

So Cape Foulwind brings many happy memories, that’s why I find it’s picture an appropriate header for my website…

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