Andalucia 2014

Andalucia 2014

Now retired, after 45 years of working as a practitioner of (mental) healthcare and advisor on strategic use of data and data analysis, I have the opportunity to focus fully on my greatest passion: the study of biology, more specific taxonomy.

Born (1954) and raised in the city of Rotterdam, a son of a shipyards labourer, I grew up in a rural area of a city rebuilding from the Second World War. After finishing high school I spent best part of two years in National Service, a useful experience to improve survival and marksman skills. Shortly after this I became officer of social service for the city of Rotterdam, where I had several duties from reactivating the unemployed, social work for homeless, addicted and people with mental disabilities to implementing the local burial and cremation act. During the first years I completed a study as social worker at the Social Academy. Afterwards I did a six-year training for yoga-teacher; obtained a masters degree in acupuncture and followed courses psychopathology (Catholic University Nijmegen – KUN) and statistics (Erasmus University Rotterdam – EUR).

After eighteen years of fieldwork I was employed for years as a researcher (social studies) and ten+ years as a consultant. Mostly asked to advice in matters of reintegrating unemployed; building of multidisciplinary (semi) governmental teams for marginalized groups in society (psychiatric patients, disabled, elderly people) and evaluating local management of social matters. Being specialized in statistics I was regularly asked to conduct quantitative analysis on systems holding specific client/patient information. The last years of my working life; as member of the concernstaff of the local gouvernment of De Ronde Venen, I develloped a program for strategic use of (Big) data and coached trainees on this subject.

Now all this lies behind me; I have the opportunity to focus on natural history studies. Especially marine biology: Mollusca (shells), Crustacea (crabs and barnacles) and Pisces (fishes). Furtheron I am interested in island biodiversity of non-marine Mollusca. To understand zoogeographic infuences I travel around the world searching after fragments of supercontinent of Gondwana, looking for fossils and remains of marine fauna’s, especially Scaphopoda (Tuskshells). I am honorary curator of Molluca for the Natural History Museum Rotterdam and member of the Collection Advisory Board (CaR) of that Museum.

I collect old natural history books, especially books on the natural history of island fauna’s; like Indonesia (former Netherlands Indies).

At the moment I live in the city of Dordrecht some 20 kilometres South of Rotterdam, in a double property dating from the beginning of de 20th century. It’s spacious and allows me to give collections, books and myself a save haven.

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