Links to my friends websites

Links to websites of friends

Links to websites of friends

On this page you find links to some of my friends websites. Highly recommended to take time and pay them a visit.

Bernd Sahlmann. Great German malacologist, specialized in Scaphopoda! In spring 2013 Jordy van der Beek and I visited dr. Bernd Sahlmann in Cismar, Germany and had a great time studying scaphs from the Red Sea. See also Bernds’ Scaphopod Database.

Erwin Kompanje. Dr. E.J.O. Kompanje is a clinical ethisist and a friend for many years. On Erwin’s website you may read many interesting stories on healthcare; quality of life and end of life care, history of medicine, food and zoology.

Hans Post. With Hans and his wife Marja I travelled to many remote parts of the world (South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Indonesia etc.). Hans’ website covers travel, shellcollecting and tales about children’s books he wrote.

Hermann L. Strack. Hermann and I go back to the 1980’s. We share a life-long interest for Folk music, old Books and shells. Hermann specializes in Polyplacophora (Chitons). He is an antiquarian bookseller of profession and living in Brittany at the moment. Hermann’s Website deals with antique natural history books and books on hunting and travel.

Jelle Reumer. Jelle is a paleonthology professor, interesting site with much striking facts on paleonthology, zoologie and evolution.

Jordy van der Beek. Jordy’s website deals with his passion of studying and collection Scaphopoda (Tuskshells). Jordy and I share our interest in scaphopods, most recently our focus is on the Red Sea fauna.

Kees Moeliker. Kees is director of the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam a lot of the stories on his website will make you smile and afterward wonder.

Nellie Markus. Nellie and I met at the Social Academy in the 1980’s. Nellie is now a yoga teacher, artist and busy finishing her first novel. Her heart lies with her kids in Mexico. We share a lot of cultural events at the moment.

Robert W. Heuvelink. Years ago Rob was my yoga teacher and he was one of my oldest friends, we liked to perform the yoga of knive- and soapmaking and many others yogas.
January 14th 2014 Rob passed away, his website is disconnected, I lost a dear friend and will remember all the good times we spent together.

Vollrath Wiese. Dr. Vollrath Wiese is an eminent German malacologist and nature photographer. He is director of the natural history museum: Haus der Natur in Cismar – Germany. I am very impressed by Vollrath’s extensive malacological knowledge and -collection and his photographic skills by picturing scaphopods, which are mostly small, white and without any sculpture.

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